Commercials usually run 30 or 60 seconds.

90 second reads available at nominal additional cost.


Tags usually run 15 seconds or less.

You cannot count a number of tags as a 30 or 60 second spot. These are separate and charged accordingly.


Scripts are usually more than one minute long.

Scripts are not radio spots, they are usually used for industrial videos, web sites, and on-holds. Rates are based on the total finished length, and do not include any special editing or production.

Production Costs

Additional Costs for Producing Spots.

Production costs are based on simple editing. More difficult editing projects require additional fees based on the project.


Liners are One Line and no more.

If any Liner runs longer than one line it will be considered a tag or full length voiceover.

A Revision

A revision is when the client changes the copy and wants it done over.

We charge again for revisions, and copy changes.



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